Casino Scalper System 1.0

This is the manual version that shows you how to apply the rules and technics of Casino Scalper System manually and win between $300-800 daily

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Casino Scalper System 2.0

Genius Web-based Software that shows you on the roulette table where, when and how many chips to place for the next spin! Sit back and collect

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Affiliate Program!

We pay you affiliate commissions for referring others to us who purchases casino scalper system 1.0 or 2.0.

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A: Casino Scalper System is a manual system that shows you the system how to win in roulette with 97% acuracy, and you will learn the system with the ebook that you will receive with the package, which also includes the tables you need to use while playing roulette. The Casino Scalper System 2.0 is the fully automated version and it will show you when to place your bets, where and actually the amount of chips you need to place and with Casino Scalper System 2.0 you do not need betting sheets, no table and not any kind of rules that you must follow but only place your bets in your casino account. With Casino Scalper System 2.0 you will not be able to miss any winning bet but win almost every bit of your bets.
A: We recommend only online casinos that we have tested through a long period of time successfully and have been able to record between 90% and 97% winning rate. Therefore we recommend only the tested casinos and advise you not to use it with other online casinos and also the money back guarantee is only valid if you have registered with the recommended casinos, opened a real money account and deposited at least $25 and send us your username with the name of the casino as soon as you deposited the money, to lock the 30 days for the money back guarantee. If you did not send us your username with the name of the casino, we cannot issue the money back as we will not be able to know if and where you used the system.However, you will also be able to use the Casino Scalper System 1.0 in offline casinos(real casinos)
A: We are selling our system because we want to use the system moderate with the tested and proven online casinos, as we may get our accounts suspended if we keep if for ourselfes and noticed by the casinos as single account which wins always and therefore selling the system so as many others as possible can use the system as casinos can and will not suspend hudreds or thousands of accounts since they will not know how and why so many people win, and at the same time we earn from selling the membership for our system and this way we can use the system ourself also less agressively, since. When we say suspending account, we refer to winning amount of 10s of thousands per month which we avoid by selling the system and this way make also profit partially from selling membership for the system use which also helps you and others to beat online casino and never lose again.
A: You will earn for every referral you refer to between $5 and $10 for your direct referrals but that is not all, you will also earn when your referrals refer others to us between $0.50 and $10 depending on the referral level. Please see the earnings table on the page Affiliates.
We are using the latest technology of tracking system and our system will place a cookie on the computer of the person whom you sent to our site, and this way, whenever this person registers as member, it will be placed automatically in your downline and you will see the person in your downline inside your members area as soon as the account of your referral has been activated.
A: We are happy to know that you are doing well with Casino Scalper System 1.0 and No, Casino Scalper as a Gold Member you will not need to track any hot spots, as the Software will show you where you need to place your bets and when and what amount of chips. As a Gold Member, you only need to login to your account and click for Casino Scalper System 2.0 software, which will open in a new browser and you will then login to your casino account and select roulette. Once you started roulette in your casino account, you will have one browser window with Casino Scalper System 2.0 software and one browser window with your casino accounts roulette game. Then you will insert your casino account balance in to the software and your betting chip value (we recommend to use always $0.10 but max. $1 chips) and once you pressed the Start button on Casino Scalper System 2.0 the 30 minute countdown will start. (once 30 minutes are up, Casino Scalper System 2.0 will stop working for the same casino and will ask you to go to another online casino). Then you will start spinning the roulette wheel in your casino account and you will click the spinned numbers in Casino Scalper System 2.0 and the system will track the hot spots for you! Whenever there is a winning situation, it will show a chip on the betting field with the amount of chips you must place. After 30 minutes at each casino, you will win around $15 - $25 if you use only $0.10 chips and around $100 - $200 if you use $1 chips within 30 minutes.
A: Online casinos use a software, which can do anything, but however, most of the online casinos, specially the ones we have on our site that we recommend, use the soft-mode within the first 30 minutes and lets you win easier but then their software switch to hard-mode after 30 minutes and take back all your winnings and your account balance in worst case. We have created the Casino Scalper System 2.0 to stop you using it for your own good because as said in the beginning a software can do anything and once the casino software switched to hard mode, it will bring up any number except the ones on which you place your bets just to take back your winnings and maybe your account balance as well. If you use our system daily only 30 minutes and in 4 different casinos, you will need only 2 hours max, but finish the 2 hours with between $120 and $400 for that day in only 2 hours, we actually recommend to use the system in your casino accounts every 48 hours. For this purpose we have placed more tested casinos on the page Bonus Download and also you will see the link that says in more than 50 online casinos on the home page.
A: You will be able to request payment of earnings, as soon as your account balance reaches $25. We will payout your earnings via Alertpay or Neteller. If you did not request your earnings after having reached the payout level of $25 and your commission earnings are above $2.500 we can payout your earnings also via bank wire.
A: Yes, you may have any number of direct referrals in your 1st level and this will actually skyrocket you your affiliate earnings. Imagine what you can earn with a large list of 1st level downline, if you earn already up to $193.425 with only 5 direct referrals.
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Get Casino Scalper System 1.0 for only 34.95 EUR and start making between $300-$800 in 2-3 hours daily!